Holistic Canine Services in Swansea

“Dogs do speak, but only to those that will listen” 

Bobbi founded Lifeline Dogs in 2015 and has continued to provide dog training services to support dog owners in Swansea and Gower. With practical experience and an ongoing journey of developing understanding and in-depth knowledge in dog training and behaviour and how to strengthen the relationship between dog and owner, a variety of services are available to suit individual needs. 

One to one sessions can be booked to focus on developing understanding of how your dog is communicating with you and address individual training goals such as basic to advanced life skills (focus, recall, loose lead walking, emergency stop etc) and specific skills (scent detection, tracking, assistance)

Undesirable behaviours such as resource guarding, anxiety, over excitement, reactivity etc are addressed on a one to one, with a training plan provided.

Classes are available to provide regular opportunities for your dog to engage in a variety of activities, to train in a group setting and most importantly for you to have fun with your dog, strengthening your bond.

Classes that develop every day life skills and your dogs focus around distractions are available for all abilities. These classes are also available with a fun twist where you and your dog work within a team to find the missing clues and develop different behaviours and tricks a long the way.

Scent detection and tracking courses to develop your dogs ability to search for specific scents and items/objects are available to challenge your dog and give them an activity that they will love. These classes develop your understanding of scent work, handling skills and how to use your dogs natural abilities to benefit you and your dog.

As an alternative, online classes are scheduled so that you can enjoy an evening having fun in the mystery and escape room themed classes, without having to leave the house. Yet your dog will be just as tired solving the mystery as they would be if they had gone for a walk!

Further information of these services are available at www.lifelinedogs.co.uk