Group Dog Training Courses in Swansea

At On Cloud K9 we set you up to succeed.  Because we want you and your dog get the one to one attention that you need, spaces in the training classes are strictly limited. We don’t want the dogs, particularly the puppies, to get over stimulated by the number of people and dogs in too close a proximity.  Your dog will find it difficult to learn if they’re too excited, or are too nervous.

Our group training classes are not suitable for dogs that are either nervous of dogs or people, or are prone to getting overly excited, but that doesn’t mean that your dog is not trainable, we have other options, please get in touch.

All our courses come with online access to notes and step by step instructions on the topics covered in the training course for 6 months to make it easy for you to practice at home, or to refresh your memory if required.

Shown below are the upcoming events.  Click for dates, further details on what the course covers and to register your interest.

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