Private Dog Training Courses in Swansea

Private Dog Training in Swansea

The private dog training courses are normally held in Clyne Gardens in Swansea.

Private training sessions allow you the full attention of the trainer so that we can focus on issues specific to you and your dog.

The training courses are accompanied by online notes, allowing you to practice what you learned in the training session in the house, in the garden and out in the world.  With all courses you get access to the training notes for 6 months.

If you don’t see a course that suits you below, then please get in touch for a consultation.

Private Dog Training Courses Available

£100 per course

Engagement Through Games Training Course

If you struggle with any of the following, this course is suitable for your dog: Poor engagement with your dog...
All ages Years Old
1 Class Size

Bringing Up Pup Training Course

Getting a new pup? Packed with information, this course includes immediate access to information that will help you set up...
5-12 weeks Years Old
1 Class Size
£250 per course

Yuppy Puppy Private Training Course

The new and improved comprehensive private puppy training course covers Canine nutrition Appropriate chewing Puppy biting Lots of games to...
8 weeks-12 months Years Old
1 Class Size

Herding Dog Breeds Training Course

🐾 COMING SOON 🐾 This course will offer you a greater understanding of a herding breed’s mind and how they...
All Ages Years Old
1 Class Size